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Flávio Com F de Folha

Group from São Bartolomeu de Messines, Algarve that formed in 1988 with the aim of participating in the Modern Music Competition of Rock Rendez Vous.

The group was formed by Rui Santos (voice), Rui Farinha (guitar), Paulo Neto (bass) and Henrique Silvestre (drums).

They participated in the VI Contest of the RRV where they were in 3rd place. They also competed for the II Mostra de Coimbra but were not selected. They were also in 2nd place at the Yamaha/MIT Mostra de Silves Competition and at Aqui del Rock.

They recorded the music video for “Sonhos Automátivos” for the program “Pop Off”. In the beginning the group presented a sound of guitars similar to British groups like the Smiths, at this stage the group was seduced by the sound of the Stone Roses.

In August 1991, Paulo Neto left the group and Rui Santos took over the bass. Shortly after, they change their name to Supernova. A new project in which the only connection was the human element. The vocalist became Sílvia Benedito (ex-Santo Vício).


Kaleidoscopic Distortion (1992) – Automatic Dreams

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