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Filarmónica Gil

Filarmónica Gil is a Portuguese band, led by renowned musician and composer João Gil (Trovante, Ala dos Namorados, Rio Grande and Cabeças no Ar).

It was on completing 25 years of career and after an invitation to João Gil, by the CCB, for a two-day concert in the form of a swing, that this new group emerged.

The singer was Nuno Norte who had won the first edition of SIC’s “Ídolos” program and the bassist was former Silence 4 Rui Costa. The lyrics were by João Monge, a regular collaborator in other groups.

The homonymous album was released in June 2005. “Deixa-te Ficar Na Minha Casa” was the most publicized theme. Sara Tavares collaborates on the song “Se Eu Soubesse (O Que Sei Hoje)” with lyrics by Catarina Furtado.

In 2007, the album “Por Mão Própria” was released. Mónica Ferraz participates in the song “Eu Said Que Sim” by Margarida Gil. The first single was “Ponto de Rebuçado”. Poems by Ana Hatherly and E.E. Cummings.

The group would eventually break up shortly after.

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