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Berg, stage name of Teófilo Sonnenberg, is a Portuguese singer and musician. Born in Angola, grew up in Porto and lived in Switzerland.
Berg joined Rui Veloso’s band and appeared on albums by Boss AC, Rita Guerra, Nuno Guerreiro, Pedro Abrunhosa and GNR.

The singer released his first solo album, the eponymous “Berg”, in 1999. The second, “Mundo”, was released in 2008. Between these two phases, he was part of the vocal group SDS, formed in 2000.

Already with a long career, in 2013 he competes for the 1st edition of the Portuguese version of The X Factor format, which he wins in February 2014. Following his victory in the contest, he releases a second homonymous album in 2014, which reaches No. portuguese of albums. In 2016, he released the album “Tempo”, which reached its best position on the same chart when it reached number 24.

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