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The Portuguese music in 1st place

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All Portuguese Rock

Portuguese rock is a term that refers to rock music produced in Portugal. Portuguese rock emerged in the 80s, with bands that marked the post-25th of April generation.

The Great Portuguese Fado Singers

Fado is a traditional musical style in Portugal, which covers various themes. Fado is known for the songs that reflect the emotions of a people and their daily lives with a rhythm full of melancholy or joy.

Portuguese Music Genres

Some of the main genres of music in Portuguese culture

Portuguese DJ's

Portuguese DJs are artists who dedicate themselves to the art of choosing and mixing music to liven up the dance floor. There are several Portuguese DJs who stand out on the national and international scene, both for their technique and their charisma.

Historical facts about music in Portugal

Portuguese music is an expression of Portugal's culture and identity, which reflects its geographical, historical and social diversity. In this category you can find out more about this subject.